You could just use MysqlODBC, and import the data right into the excel 

Just setup a DNS that points to your Mysql server, on the windows box, 
then select Data->Get External data->New Database Query within Excel... 

I'm not sure what the data is, or why you need the data, or what your 
really doing....

But that might be in option...



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> Thanks for responding, Torsten. If I'm understanding your suggestion, 
> what happens where the data from the dB already has a ; (semi-colon) 
> it? Wouldn't this corrupt the import into excel?

This might cause a problem because Excel will start a new row then - 
could also happen with a tab delimiter. At the moment I can't think of a
solution for this. Is it probable that your data contains semicolons?

Regards, Torsten

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