There definitely are colons, and there is a 'comments' field and 
semi-colons may appear there. However I think I will include a note in the 
help file for the admin to avoid using semi-colons in this field. Seems 
the best solution. And you are right: A .csv is seen as an excel file, so 
opening the audit window then going to file > save as, and making the file 
Audit.csv, or something, avoids having to use the import wizard in excel. 
Saves several steps. Thanks so much! 


>> Thanks for responding, Torsten. If I'm understanding your suggestion, 
>> what happens where the data from the dB already has a ; (semi-colon) in
>> it? Wouldn't this corrupt the import into excel?

> This might cause a problem because Excel will start a new row then - 
> could also happen with a tab delimiter. At the moment I can't think of a
> solution for this. Is it probable that your data contains semicolons?

> Regards, Torsten

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