Thanks, Christian, and all who responded. I think this is almost exactly 
as it will work. The problem with using some kind of MySQL frontend is 
that this would involve some knowledge of dB's and SQL (can't be certain 
of this), and that it would be additional steps. For example, the GUI 
already allows 1 or more computers to be selected (up to 48, now), and the 
audit history button simply queries the audit_table based upon the same 
selection of computers for all changes made during a specified period. 
Having to create a query for computers 1-7, 11, 15, 16, 24, 31, etc, where 
start date = 'some date' and end date = now() would really be dupliating 
work that the GUI is already doing. 

> An easy way to do it (work around) is to dump it as csv or html.  If 
> form can output an html table to the browser to show results then all 
> need is to include a short instruction on the html form that has all 
> in html table that would say something like "Save with your browser's 
> as' button and save it as a HTM file then open it with Excel"

> Then the user would easily open an HTML file in XLS and do what ever 
> want with it (save as XLS, WK*, etc....  It gets more complicated if you
> want to use formulas in the spreadsheet but if its just raw data this 
> be a very easy way to accomplish what  you want.  Hope this helps.

> Christian

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