Yep - lots of tutorials out there, some even on the! Hint, try the "Getting Help" link, then look for samples/tutorials.

So, do what the rest of us have done & educate yourself, play a bit, & find out how things work & what they look like when they break.

Then you're ready to ask questions, but this one you'll have dealt with by then.

Regards - Miles Thompson

At 11:01 PM 8/6/2004, Ron Piggott wrote:
I have created a MySQL database.  The table I am creating is a subscriptions
database.  I want to be able to export all e-mail addresses stored in the
"e_mail" column into a plain text file on the web server (1 e-mail address
per row) where the "discipleship_mailing_list_e_mail_subscription" equals
"on".  I am new at PHP and I am not sure how to do this yet.

My idea is that the user would click an "UPDATE" button and this action
would be performed.  Are any of you able to help me with this?

Thanks.  Ron

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