Ron Piggott wrote:

> I was able to get the command:
> SELECT e_mail
> FROM subscriptionsdatabase
> WHERE discipleship_mailing_list_e_mail_subscription
> LIKE 'on'
> to work in the mySQL command prompt but when I put it into a .PHP file I get
> a parse error. I get that parse error by simply coping and pasting the
> command into the PHP file.

The reason that this didn't work is that you have to tell PHP first to create a link with your database, then execute a query and get back the results by issuing a few specific commands. Robby's example shows you how, but it's more thorougly explained in the php documentation. Have a look at and its subpages. It has examples and explanations you'll find very useful in setting up PHP to work with a MySQL database.


        Guus der Kinderen

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