I'd still like to find out if there is a mysql equivalent of gmmktime for use in queries like:

"SELECT UNIX_TIMESTAMP(mydate) FROM MyTable WHERE UNIX_TIMESTAMP(mydate)<='$thisdate'";

and $thisdate is a gm date. Otherwise I need to convert the GMT date back to Summer time just for the query. Is there a function for that....?

There is, so I found. As John Holmes suggested, the use of date("I",$unixdate) was in order.


converts $thisdate to a unix number that will give the right date in a Summer time context - for use in the query. date("I") gives 1 where the $unixdate is in Summer time. The expression deducts an hour where the date would be in Summer time. So, I suppose 1am on 30 Oct becomes midnight on 30 October when evaluated as a date. And so it does, below.


$unixdate=mktime(1,0,0,10,30,2004); //1am on 30 Oct 2004
$conv_date=date("l dS of F Y h:i:s A",$thisdate);
//Saturday 30th of October 2004 12:00:00 AM =>Summer time as 1 hour deducted


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