Final problem on this was adding a number of nights to an arrival date in a query:

$query="SELECT field FROM Table WHERE (UNIX_TIMESTAMP(arrival)+nights*86400-86400+3600)>='$thisdate')";

When the arrival date is in Summer, adding a number of night requires
adjusting for the hour [3600], because the UNIX_TIMESTAMP is DST whereas I had adjusted $thisdate to GMT to be free of time saving complications.

When the arrival date is in Winter, I don't need to add the hour.

I added a condition like: "&& arrival<'2004/10/31'..." to differentiate.

I realise now that I have to think about what if the Winter arrival date plus the nights brings the total back to Summer.

..seeing as I did not know the mysql expression for GMT timestamps, which would be easier.

Thanks to all.


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