Sorry to visit this once again, but this is a problem with bits the solution to which causes other problems.

I need to do this in a SQL query:


'arrival' is a date field, and 'nights' is an integer, so the above makes no sense, being like 2004/12/31+7 which is probably 00/00/00.

However, if I use UNIX_TIMESTAMP(arrival)+nights*86400 I get the Summer time errors noted previously - if arrival is before one of the cross over dates (30 Oct and ?) and the departure (arrival+nights) is after. Adding 86400*nights will give a time which is an hour incorrect and maybe the wrong date. So how do I do a SQL query where I add a number of days to a date and avoid DST errors? Is there a way of forcing SQL to use GMT and not DST? Do I have to extract all the values and do it in php?



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