Jean-Philippe Côté wrote:

I'm trying to choose a database abstraction layer for a project and I'm having difficulty making up my mind. The two I'm currently looking at are: ADOdb and MDB2 (from PEAR).

I was recommended to use MDB2 but its still a beta version and the documentation is weak. ADOdb seems to have a good feature set and doc but I've heard its bloated.

I looked on the web and the only info I found was outdated.

Does anybody have pointers that could help me make up my mind ?

You're just going to get more opinions and rumors asking questions like this. Download both, implement both, run your own benchmarks and determine which one works best for you. If you need a specific feature set, then obviously choose the one that offers that.

I'd personally recommend ADOdb for no other reason than that's what I use and it's effective.


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