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I thought the point of such discussion lists as php-db was to be able to
maturely discuss these questions.

I understand that people have different opinions and that's exactly what I'm
looking for. I'm hoping to receive pointers in one or the other direction and
then I can make an educated decision.

Actually, some people did and I thank them for that.

Obviously any questions could be answered by: "just go find the answer for
yourself". But then... what would be the point of a mailing list ?

Maybe I should have been more precise and ask about:

- features
- speed
- ease of use and implementation
- portability

I didn't mean to stifle discussion by any means. I've seen these questions asked before and the normal answers are "use adodb, it's faster" or "mdb has more features", etc... with nothing to actually back it up. Take opinions for what they are, I guess. They're not really worth much when you have specific needs like you've outlined above, IMO.

If your question leads to some benchmarks being done or a complete comparison regarding features, speed, etc, then great, it would benefit everyone.

---John Holmes...

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