Jean-Philippe Côtê wrote:

I thought the point of such discussion lists as php-db was to be able to
maturely discuss these questions.

I understand that people have different opinions and that's exactly what I'm
looking for. I'm hoping to receive pointers in one or the other direction and
then I can make an educated decision.

Just check the archive. There are many 'heated debates' on this so we try not to be antagonistic.

I am sure if I started again now I would probably be using something other than ADOdb. But at the time it fitted the bill and where there were problems they were quickly cleared. Unlike some of the other options I tried.

Now *I* am happy with ADOdb and see no reason to change, so I don't keep up with other packages and can't contrast. So answering some of your questions is difficult.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services

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