--- Jason Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> If you don't have a specific reason for this to be
> enabled you should disable 
> it.

I don't control it.  On  a shared server.

> > Question 1: is this enough to register the session
> > variable ?
> No. You should read (repeatedly if necessary)
>   manual > Session Handling Functions

I think my repeats on reading has maxed out.  I'll
consider another hobby.

> and try out the examples and understand what's going
> on.

The examples don't seem to apply.  They are applying a
set value to the session variable: $count =1;

if (!session_is_registered('count')) {
   $count = 1;
} else {

> Executive summary:
> do not enable register_globals
> $_SESSION['variable'] = 'something'; // to register
> a session variable

Alright , I guess the light isn't shining through
here. 'Something' is setting the variable to something
the user can change with the form input ?


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