I don't even know if this is possible, or if I'll have to go the route of .NET
development to get this sort of functionality (I'm sure it's possible if I jump
through enough hoops).

But here's what I'm trying to accomplish...
- users are all on a local intranet with access to a shared drive (no prob)
- users navigate a PHP-MySQL application to select records from a database  (no
- users are able to click a link which will launch some sort of document (they
have Office, but if something like PDF is available on a Windows platform,
great) where a document template is fetched and updated with information from
the selected record.    (This is the part I don't understand how to do).

An example... user wants to be able to print one of a variety of letters to
physically mail to a customer, customized with the customer's account info. 
(You know:  Dear [first name] [last name], ... Your account [account_id] ... is
30 days past due... etc )

This way, management can update the template and not have me re-work the code to
have it work...

Is such a thing possible on a windows PHP platform?  Can someone point me to
somewhere I can learn more about it?

Thanks much,

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