On Sunday 05 December 2004 20:53, Stuart Felenstein wrote:

> I have this form that is set up like this:


I understand from your previous postings that you use Dreamweaver (to do at 
least part of your coding). If you are at all serious about coding with PHP 
(ie you want to do stuff that is any more advanced than the most basic stuff) 
then you should ditch Dreamweaver (or only use it as an straightforward 
editor and project manager). The code produced by Dreamweaver will be 
(because of its generic nature) any one or more of these: convoluted, 
obfuscated, non-obvious, overly lengthy.

Writing your own code will (hopefully) allow you to understand what you're 
doing, and why you're doing it.

> I'm having no luck though and perhaps I'm unclear
> about  the use of checkboxes or even radio buttons.

  google > html checkbox php

In particular the IBM developerworks article looks like ideal reading for you.

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