On Monday 06 December 2004 18:11, Stuart Felenstein wrote:

> Okay, I'll take a look.  Usually, as in this case, I
> did perform an extensive search for an answer.  I did
> not find one however that really addressed my
> particular intended use of checkboxes.  Many articles,
> forum post, etc were about "deletes" and insertions
> using checkboxes.

I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "intended use checkboxes". Let's try to 
break it down:

Purpose: check boxes are used to select one or more values/options/choices

How to implement using PHP: you need to know how to output the correct HTML so 
that it will be easy to process - this is covered in the manual; you need to 
know how to process the submitted form and read the values from the 
checkboxes - again this stuff is in the manual;

What to do depending on the values of checkboxes: this is probably what you 
meant by "deletes" and "insertions". Well, as along as you know *how* to read 
the values from checkboxes then *what* you do with them is a completely 
separate issue. Just because one article uses checkboxes to "delete stuff" it 
doesn't mean you can't use the overall principle and change the code to 
"delete stuff" into "display stuff".

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