--- Jochem Maas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I just thought, if your query object ($XXXX) is
> returning a
> resultset object then maybe you have to 'loop' the
> resultset object
> in order to retrieve the 'row' object(s) from which
> you can retrieve the 
> data.

Yes, but the recordset (or resultset) has already been
looped.  Though I did attempt to loop it again within
the mail variable declarations.  Same error message
about "call to a member function on non-object".

Here is what's freaking me out ! :)

Anywhere on the page I can do a 
<?php echo $rsVendorJobs->fields('Conmail');?>

And it will echo out the correct value, 

But! as soon as I do a 
$to = $rsVendorJobs->fields('Conmail');

I get a "Fatal error: Call to a member function on a
non-object in /ho............"

So I tried adding global $rsVendorJobs and that did
absolutely nothing.

Very puzzling.  

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