sorry but this has nothing to do with:

1. DBs
2. PHP

what your talking about is rather trivial clientside (browser) content styling. making a page display at a fixed width can be done in any number of ways, the oldest way would be to use a simple table set at the correct width and place all your content inside that, alternatively you could look into the possibilities of CSS (which if you use it properly should allow you to display pretty much any structural HTML how you want - YMMV)

heres an example, (oh and the width is 786 for a reason):


        body { margin: 0px; border: 0px; padding: 0px; }
        #container {
                width: 768px;
                text-align: left;
                margin-left: auto;
                margin-right: auto;

<div id="container">
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Kevin Russell wrote:
for displays bigger than 8x6 you can use a div to border the page. for displays with res smaller, you're s.o.l. you cannot force the browser to a smaller res.


that's ok, I want it to display 8x6 if you have your display set to that, or if 
you have it set to a higher resolution I want it to display at 8x6, no matter 
if you have 1280 x whatever , you dig

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