franciccio wrote:
Eve Atley ha scritto:

Platform: Redhat Linux Enterprise WS 3
PHP installed: 4.3.2
MySQL installed: 4.0.21
Apache installed: 2.0.46

When setting up PhpMyAdmin today, I got the error:
Cannot load mysql extension,
Please check PHP configuration

My phpinfo() shows:
'with-mysql=shared,/usr' (yes, the comma is not a mistake)
- This looks like a glitch; should I fix, and if so where? was found in:

is the file _actually_ called '' the capital M would see to it that the extension is not found.

sorry I can't help you any further.


My php.ini has been editted to read:
...and I also tried:

Any clues on remedying this problem, without upgrading MySQL? I have read
the problem is solved by installing a PHP-MySQL package, but when I
attempted to do so via up2date, I was notified that a dependency was
required for a MySQL-client. But Mysql is already installed and running.

Any clues out there?


Wrong thread and group. Bye

normally I would agree with franciccio's remark (and I can't be too hard on him either cos he gave me a good explaination on JOIN stuff just yesterday!) BUT women deverse preferential treatment in this environment. here is why:

a, IT is a 'male' (read: autistic ;-) social culture - why expect women to fit right in when they have different (read: higher ;-) social skills (in general).
b, there are not enough of them in IT let alone the PHP world.
c, they might be good looking and live round the corner from you ;-).

the more women in IT the better it is for all of us - it gives us more social power as a group and makes us more balanced + you'll often find women have novel/new ways of looking at problems that a male mindset is less likely to consider.

women/girls deserve a little more leaway when entering this little world. if only because men have been jacking them around for the last 5000 years - which has only brought us war & religion ;-)

oh hang on - Eve did pretty much everything right in writing up her question to the list (setup details, context, explaination of things tried, consiseness etc etc) the only thing she may have done wrong is in the choice of list (possible php-general or php-install could have been a better choice). so thats another reason to cut her some slack.

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