> I do support you too,  Jerry. People should either
> somehow exclude
> 'php-db'/other mailing lists to be auto-replied to
> or they must keep
> off their auto-replies with themselves.

Yes most mail systems allows you to exclude certain
domains from getting a auto response.  Or if they own
their own server they can do the same.

Imagine half the mailing list people setting a auto
reply, our mailboxes would be out of control.  If one
does it and gets away with it more will follow.

I classify ANY auto response that has no realy
meaning, eg out of office is SPAM!  Different if your
signing up for a subscription a auto message sends
password and all that is a different story.  But for
this mailing list setting a auto response for the
domains lists.php.net should not be allowed.

> Its quite stupid recieving emails saying "I am out
> of office" when we
> are waiting for more urgent things.

Correct, my dog barking in the back yard is more
urgent than that sort of message.

Hence I don't have a dog, I don't think!

> Regards,
> Samar M.


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