Please let me know how that works for you.  I don't remember the specifics
(if we where testing using plogon, nlogon or just logon), but we did try and
implement that fix and it didn't work for us.  



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Yes, I just found 30808.  It's suspended because the fix is stated in 
the discussion (uncomment out a small section of oci8.c), but for 
performance reasons they don't want to make this part of the standard code.

I've rebuilt php5 now with the change in place and will see if this 
fixes the problem for my systems.  I can confirm that it's at least 

Michael Caplan wrote:

>Hi Leo,
>We are having the same problem.  Check out the bug I filed many months ago
>http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=30808  I can't for the life of me figure out
>why the bug is suspended, as this seems to be a common issue with Oracle
>php5.  Perhaps you should also and your comments to the bug report.
>To "resolve" the issue, we do an apache restart every time the db goes
>This flushes whatever connections php pools to Oracle (sounds weird
>considering we are doing oci8nlogon).
>I really hope that the OCI8 library gets some serious attention soon.  In
>mind this is a show stopper, and it appears that there are a few other big
>ones lying around...
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>Subject: [PHP-DB] Losing the ability to connect to Oracle database
>I recently upgraded to PHP5 and now have a curious Oracle problem.
>The PHP scripts query the database fine.  Then overnight, the database 
>shuts down for backup and restarts.  The next day, PHP can no longer 
>connect to the database until I restart Apache.  Then, it's happy until 
>Oracle restarts the next night.
>We did not encounter this problem with PHP4.
>I've tried adjusting the php command from the old ocilogon() to 
>oci_connect() but the problem continues.  Incidentally, I am using a 
>simple connection, not a persistent one.
>Can someone advise what's wrong here or how to get PHP/Apache to survive 
>a database restart.

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