there really aren't enough effort applied to educate those outside the IT

Working on it :)

> but I still use PHP because it is still the most appropiate development
> enviroment for a small or middle sized web solution.

Why not use Perl, it has all the "pros" but does not have the cons :)

Because it has cons, and lots of them. It's not a language who was designed

"it is still the most appropriate development environment.."As I stated previously, I'm not trying to do a Perl vs PHP debate but rather "use anything but PHP" the "why not use Perl" was directed at the statement.

In other words "Why is the most appropriate" when its a security problem and a hassle, and zillions of other technologies do the same stuff, and more, and much much better.

for web development and this becomes a hassle. Its language constructions

Why/ just output headers and HTML and you're done. Separate logic and presentation.

are not as intuitive as other languages, there are too many ways of doing
the same thing, and too many different "code conventions" (if they can be

Oi, did you even look at the url I sent? all the randomly named functions that do the same thing?

called as such). So it really becomes complicate to make one perl developer
work with another perl developer. There are too many basic data structures
for a scripting language, PHP arrays work better in almost any situation,
are easier to understand and use. Debugging a perl application requires a
higher level of programming skills.

Not really. You're just used to PHP data structures, thats all.

PHP doesn't have too much overhead when it's used in its most primitive way.

But when is it? Mostly never, people always need this or that option compiled in and pretty soon: a 20 Meg binary and lots of headache :)

Everything procedural, everything on arrays and only load what you need.
This way it can run as fast as anyone. But this can only be used for small
solutions and some medium web solutions, it isn't applyable to every need.

Thats a programmer doing a good job, and that can be done in any language. Its no positive feature of PHP.

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