JeRRy wrote:

- create a new account user
- go into the www directive
- create a index file
- do phpinfo()
- try and connect to a msql server, no query needed just a connection
- under that delibrately try and enter a mysq server but use a wrong pass, make 
sure you error report it with some message on screen.

if it connects and one fails your connections are fine.

However make sure you CLOSE each connection seperatley.
What appears to be happening in your code it it's not going near the mysql 
server, it's skipping it.  Which means the die error will not appear if it 
skips it.

Ensure php is enabled and mysql is booted etc.

Also don't try and connect localhost to it, use the outside world.  (a browser 

Err - the OP is having an issue with postgresql, not mysql. The subject even mentions this..

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