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(basic question, not small)

JeRRy wrote:
> Test:
> - create a new account user
> - go into the www directive
> - create a index file
> - do phpinfo()
> - try and connect to a msql server, no query needed just a connection
> - under that delibrately try and enter a mysq server but use a wrong pass, 
> make sure you error report it with some message on screen.
> if it connects and one fails your connections are fine.
> However make sure you CLOSE each connection seperatley. 
> What appears to be happening in your code it it's not going near the mysql 
> server, it's skipping it.  Which means the die error will not appear if it 
> skips it.
> Ensure php is enabled and mysql is booted etc.
> Also don't try and connect localhost to it, use the outside world.  (a 
> browser - or IP-ADDRESS)

Err - the OP is having an issue with postgresql, not mysql. The subject 
even mentions this..

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