I'd answer question number 3.

Well, it is just about an update section that the administrators will
input on the database for updates and event for a company, saying the
website has an updated page or simply putting an "event" for the public to

Right now, I want to know how get a URL like this:


Using anchor (link) tags, not from form tags.

> Yes...
> But, the experts on this list need more info in order to help you out.
> 1. Where are the stories going to come from? If you plant to take news
> stories from other sites and use them on your own site, there are
> serious legal issues involved.
> 2. If you want to write the stories yourself, or invite visitors to
> write your stories, then you probably want a simple content management
> system using PHP and MySQL. There are a lot of them about. Google or ask
> for recommendations.
> 3. If you'd prefer to make the site yourself in order to learn PHP +
> MySQL programming, you can find lots of tutorials. Google PHP Tutorials
> and look around.
> Good luck,
> Jeffrey
>> I've got a website using PHP and MySQL. I would like to make a "news
>> preview" on the webpage's frontpage with a link to the full story.
>> Is it possible to use one (1) .PHP file to generate full stories, with
>> MySQL involved?
>> I'm just a newcomer in the world of PHP but I am doing my best in
>> reading
>> materials for PHP.
>> Thanks in advance.

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