Reloading the grant tables should happen almost immediately unless you have an extremely large set of users, very little memory, or a very slow computer.

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Strange. If you look at the users table, is there a password hash in the
password field?

i think this must be reload?? not just flush?? it happen to me..
or perhaps need some times to realy reload??
Roberto F Tavares Neto wrote:

I did create the database. Then, I use the:


to do the 2 and 3 steps.


to do the step 4.

But the step 5 really does not work... only on the shell or when I
remove the password from the user...


Micah Stevens escreveu:
Did you give the user permissions to use the database in question?

Here's my sequence of actions:

1) Create DB if it doesn't exist
2) Create the user w/password
3) Give the user permission to use the database.
4) Flush privileges to update the server.
5) login and enjoy.


Roberto F Tavares Neto wrote:

I'm trying to do a very simple thing: create a database and a user
to use it.

So, initially, I use the web interface phpmyadmin. Logged as root, I
created the database, and the user with some password.

But, I could not login using phpmyadmin. Either any php-based system
could connect to the BD.

So, I make sure that I got the "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
created, with permissions and same password. Nothing.

But I *can* log on mysql shell.

One more info: when the user is set without password, it works fine
on PHP.

Does anyone can give me a clue of what is happening?




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