In mysql 4.1, they changed the hash format of the passwords. If you stored the password from a 3.x client, and area accessing with a 4.x or 5.x client, or the other way around, you might have similar problems.

Your command line client is likely the same version as the server, so I'm guessing that your php might be older.

However, this situation is usually accompanied by a specific error message referencing the client version. Do you have that?


On 03/02/2007 11:35 PM, bedul wrote:
now you mention it.
i hope the same problem will solve.
i use in windows (own pc)..not in real-life server.. thx for your repair on my missuderstanding

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    Reloading the grant tables should happen almost immediately unless
    you have an extremely large set of users, very little memory, or a
    very slow computer.

    On 03/02/2007 06:17 PM, bedul wrote:
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    Strange. If you look at the users table, is there a password hash in the
    password field?

    i think this must be reload?? not just flush?? it happen to me..
    or perhaps need some times to realy reload??
    Roberto F Tavares Neto wrote:

    I did create the database. Then, I use the:


    to do the 2 and 3 steps.


    to do the step 4.

    But the step 5 really does not work... only on the shell or when I
    remove the password from the user...


    Micah Stevens escreveu:
    Did you give the user permissions to use the database in question?

    Here's my sequence of actions:

    1) Create DB if it doesn't exist
    2) Create the user w/password
    3) Give the user permission to use the database.
    4) Flush privileges to update the server.
    5) login and enjoy.


    Roberto F Tavares Neto wrote:

    I'm trying to do a very simple thing: create a database and a user
    to use it.

    So, initially, I use the web interface phpmyadmin. Logged as root, I
    created the database, and the user with some password.

    But, I could not login using phpmyadmin. Either any php-based system
    could connect to the BD.

    So, I make sure that I got the "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
    created, with permissions and same password. Nothing.

    But I *can* log on mysql shell.

    One more info: when the user is set without password, it works fine
    on PHP.

    Does anyone can give me a clue of what is happening?




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