Hello all,

I have created a simple webtracer for my website and I save some info on 
mysql database.

table = tracker

browser of visitor
page that was visited

What I would like to do next,  is simple to create an output of that 
database with the last time that every different IP has visited my website.

the best output I have at the moment is:

$query = "SELECT ip,day,month,year FROM tracker WHERE page = 'index'  ORDER 
BY `tracker`.`year` DESC , `tracker`.`month` DESC , `tracker`.`day` DESC 
LIMIT 0,20   ";

The problem is that I want to Keep for each different IP the fisrt entry 
that is found on this output I get.

therefore I would say that the output would represent the last visit of each 
different user on my website.

do you know of a php or sql trick to avoid entries that containt the same IP 
entries ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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