Thanks for the responce..

I have tried everything except of the one that forms the date in one field 
and use the DISTINCT for ip and date.

The problem with the distinct is that even if I use 'order by' the entries I 
get for all IPs are not the latest ones that exist in the database.


""septic"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> Hello all,
> I have created a simple webtracer for my website and I save some info on 
> mysql database.
> table = tracker
> ip
> day
> month
> year
> session_id
> browser of visitor
> page that was visited
> What I would like to do next,  is simple to create an output of that 
> database with the last time that every different IP has visited my 
> website.
> the best output I have at the moment is:
> $query = "SELECT ip,day,month,year FROM tracker WHERE page = 'index' 
> ORDER BY `tracker`.`year` DESC , `tracker`.`month` DESC , `tracker`.`day` 
> DESC LIMIT 0,20   ";
> The problem is that I want to Keep for each different IP the fisrt entry 
> that is found on this output I get.
> therefore I would say that the output would represent the last visit of 
> each different user on my website.
> do you know of a php or sql trick to avoid entries that containt the same 
> IP entries ?
> Thanks in advance for the help.
> Nikos. 

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