Hi all,
I am new to web programming. 
I have code to add pictures to a MYSQL database. Now I can't seem to figure out 
how to get them back out ! so we can see them. 
  The MySQL doesn't seem to be a problem (yet), also I'm trying to learn PHP. 
 What I usually do is to load the images in a folder "img" and then the name of 
the pic (i.e. "myphoto.jpg") in the database, so i retrieve the name of the pic 
     Code:     <?php 
 $connex = MySQL_connect(server,login,password); 
 $sql_query = "select picname from photos where..."; 
 $result = MySQL_query($sql_query,$connex); 
 $row = MySQL_fetch_array($result); 
 and then: 
     Code:     echo "<img src=".$row['photoFileName']." alt='photo'>"; 
  but I can't see the photo
Any pointers or code samples will be greatly appreciated...

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