You might be missing a quote so here and there unless you have the
quotes stored in the database too.

Since your photos are stored on disk, make sure  the webserver has
access to them.

Then make sure that your string is something like
 <img src="<path><photoFileName>">

in php:  printf("<img src=\"%s%s\">", $somepath, $somefilename);

in your php line: echo "<img src=".$row['photoFileName']." alt='photo'>";

the line echoed doesn't have any quotes in it.


elk dolk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to web programming. 
> I have code to add pictures to a MYSQL database. Now I can't seem to figure 
> out how to get them back out ! so we can see them. 
>   The MySQL doesn't seem to be a problem (yet), also I'm trying to learn PHP. 
>  What I usually do is to load the images in a folder "img" and then the name 
> of the pic (i.e. "myphoto.jpg") in the database, so i retrieve the name of 
> the pic with: 
>      Code:     <?php 
>  $connex = MySQL_connect(server,login,password); 
>  $sql_query = "select picname from photos where..."; 
>  $result = MySQL_query($sql_query,$connex); 
>  $row = MySQL_fetch_array($result); 
>  ?> 
>  and then: 
>      Code:     echo "<img src=".$row['photoFileName']." alt='photo'>"; 
>   but I can't see the photo
> Any pointers or code samples will be greatly appreciated...
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