I've got a PHP program I wrote a year or so ago with the oddest line of code.  I
know I didn't come up with it myself; I must have adapted it from a book or
something, but I have checked all the books it could have come from and could
not find it in any of them, nor can I find any such command anywhere else.  It
is an SQL query (probably MySQL, but perhaps SQLite or possibly even PGSQL or

    $query="SELECT TABLE $tablename;";
    if (mysql_query($query, $link)) {
     echo($indent."The table, '$tablename', was successfully opened.<br />\n");

To make things even stranger, it works fine in the original program that I put
it in (although what, if anything, it does is beyond me), but fails when I try
it in another program (yes, I took care of $tablename).

Does anyone have any idea where this bizarre piece of code came from, what it
does, if it's valid, or why it works even though such a command does not even
seem to exist?  This is has had me baffled for several months now.


Mike W.

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