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is an SQL query (probably MySQL, but perhaps SQLite or possibly even PGSQL or

The line after $query should tell you what uses it ;)

    $query="SELECT TABLE $tablename;";
    if (mysql_query($query, $link)) {
     echo($indent."The table, '$tablename', was successfully opened.<br />\n");

To make things even stranger, it works fine in the original program that I put
it in (although what, if anything, it does is beyond me), but fails when I try
it in another program (yes, I took care of $tablename).

What's the exact query that's run? Maybe $tablename contains more than just a table name.

Different mysql version? Maybe it was in an older version of mysql but they removed it.

It doesn't work in mysql5 or mysql4.0, maybe it does in an older version though.

Looks like you're trying to check that the mysql user you connected as has access to that table.

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