Chris wrote (in news:[EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> > It is an SQL query (probably MySQL, but perhaps SQLite or possibly even
> The line after $query should tell you what uses it ;)

Sorry, I meant the book may have been about any of those; I was skimming through
a bunch of SQL books at that time and don’t know which one I got it from.

> >     $query="SELECT TABLE $tablename;";
> >     if (mysql_query($query, $link)) {
> >      echo($indent."The table, '$tablename', was successfully opened.<br
/>\n"); }
> >
> > To make things even stranger, it works fine in the original program that I
> > put it in (although what, if anything, it does is beyond me), but fails
> > when I try it in another program (yes, I took care of $tablename).
> What's the exact query that's run? Maybe $tablename contains more than just a
table name.

Nope, it’s just

    SELECT TABLE lyrics;

> Different mysql version? Maybe it was in an older version of mysql but they
removed it.
> It doesn't work in mysql5 or mysql4.0, maybe it does in an older version
> Looks like you're trying to check that the mysql user you connected as has
access to that table.

It really feels like a command I may have used in the SQLite analyzer or
something.  However, I’m sure I copied it from an example script in a book.  I’
ve put holds on all the books on PHP and (My)SQL at the library and will check
them all.

Mike W.

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