Do you see those apostrophes in that text?

They need to be properly escaped.

> Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 15:09:52 -0400
> Subject: RE: [PHP-DB] php maximum characters in text field
> Here is the exact text he submitted:
> Please initiate phone lines in the following locations in the Leon
> County Civic Center to support our home Men's and Women's Basketball
> games. Meeting room B: activate 4 lines on the North Wall and 4 lines on
> the South Wall - all lines should have long distance with credit card
> only. Courtside: 1 - Please re-activate saved phone number 224-8790
> along the West side press row. Please include long distance on the
> phone. 2 - Please activate the ISDN line on the East side scorer's
> table. 3 - Please re-activate the saved phone number 224-1155 on the
> East side scorer's table. Work room: Please activate 2 lines in the work
> room, one for telephone and one for fax. - Both with long distance
> capability Please call, e-mail or fax the telephone numbers associated
> with each location to Stuart Pearce at 644-4694 (office), 645-3278
> (fax), [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thank you, Stuart Pearce

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