I was able to copy and paste from the customer's email exactly what they
were trying to submit.  When I back-spaced out their single quote and
put in my own, it worked fine.  That's how I narrowed it down to that
particular character.  With much help from a coworker, I was able to
implement some functions, and call them BEFORE php tries to create the
new record in the database.  That was my biggest problem ... I put the
cleanup code in the wrong place, after the new record command.  However,
here's what the function looks like (it also gets out ~'s:

function convert_smart_quotes($string) 
     $search = array(chr(145),
      $replace = array("'",
      return str_replace($search, $replace, $string); }

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> Does anyone know how to look for a "Curly quote" or "typographer's
quotation mark". They are being submitted on our form under customer
description. I have created a function that replaces a regular straight
quotation mark ($title = str_replace("'", "", $title);), but do not know
what to put in as the "look for" for the curly mark!

How do you know they are submitting ?
Can you copy  from that source, then paste it into your str_replace

Or since it seems to be a two-byte character (I didn't see it at
Maybe you need http://php.he.net/manual/en/ref.mbstring.php

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