> This morning I figured out how to
> replicate the issue. Issue a double request for the mysql result set.
> Due to the "Ajaxy" nature of my web app it isn't the same as a double
> HTTPRequest of POST, as it is requesting a result set back from the
> database twice in a row before the response is collected.

I think we'd have to see how you are doing your "Ajaxy" implementation.  This 
is the lowest level of Ajax I use now 

If it's asynchronous, how can a second request wonk it up?  Did you roll your 
own using XMLHttpRequest directly?

> We run Apache 2.2 on FreeBSD 6.1.x, I am currently running MySQL
> 5.0.x....given the fact that I can repeat and reproduce the problem by
> either hitting my refresh button twice, or by hitting my javascript/Ajax
> button twice before I get my first response....can anyone point me in a
> direction to narrow down why my code might be doing this? I am using
> PDO with prepared statements and MySQL stored procedures to produce my
> result sets... if you asked me yesterday, I'd have said I wasn't doing
> any thing that MySQL couldn't handle...but apparently that isn't the
> case...

I'm still rooting for "MySQL could handle it".

I wouldn't think it necessary, but maybe you need to obtain table locks for 
your needs.

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