MD5 is also known as an one-way crypt system; you can encryptit but
never unencrypted; only using brute force or a hash list you can
retrive a 'string' that it's hash is the one stored; but it is not
necesary the same original string; this is also known as a hash

So, in short... no, there isn't a unMd5().
If you need to retrive the original string, try GPG.

On 14/01/2008, Miguel Guirao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi!!
> I'm using the md5() function to encrypt a password and store it into a
> database. Now I want to retrieve that MD5 password and convert it into it's
> human readable condition.
> Is there a function opposite to md5()??
> Best Regards,
> M Guirao
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