That just sounds like such recipe for disaster. What about running multiple 
divs with each data set in that 'window'? Then you could pass each datasets 
relevant ids along to keep thing separate...
Another option could to create multiple [i]frames and do the same thing?
Bastien> To:> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> Date: Fri, 15 Feb 
2008 15:00:36 -0800> Subject: [PHP-DB] independent session data for multiple 
browser windows> > Greetings,> > I have a nearly-completed accounts/billing 
database using PHP and > MySQL, and was just informed that users will want to 
access the > database via multiple windows in one browser on the same machine, 
so > I'm looking for a way to have each browser window have its own set of > 
session data.> > I was initially using cookies, so I switched to propagating 
the > session name via the URL, and had each window using a unique session > 
name, but the DATA from each named session was written to the same > file on 
disk (/private/var/tmp/whatever).> > I noticed that the session data file name 
included the session id, so > I tried propagating the session id in the URL, 
and setting the > session id right before session_start() -- that resulted in 
two data > files on disk, but one session would occasionally write to the other 
> session's data file. At this point, this is the code I'm trying:> > if 
(!array_key_exists('SESSION_ID', $_REQUEST)) {> $_REQUEST['SESSION_ID'] = 
'SESS'.uniqid('');> }> session_name($_REQUEST['SESSION_ID']);> 
session_id($_REQUEST['SESSION_ID']);> session_start();> 
output_add_rewrite_var('SESSION_ID',$_REQUEST['SESSION_ID']);> > In php.ini, I 
now have:> session.use_cookies = 0> session.use_only_cookies = 0> 
session.auto_start = 0> > Also, I'm on Mac OS X Tiger, and everyone's using 
Safari. PHP > 5.0.24a, MySQL 4.1.22> > Any suggestions on how to have unique 
session data for multiple > windows in the same browser on the same machine? 
Seems like it must > be doable, but I haven't figured it out yet. Thanks to 
whomever can > help.> > Charles Whitaker> Technical Staff> Open Door Networks> 

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