I'm am trying to find some definitive best practises on database connections 
with php on both mysql and oracle. 
I'm starting to redesign a corporate website and am trying to find out more 
about security and the best practises for database queries and user input form 
For example - what's the best usage - prepared statements? And does it have to 
be php 5? I need preferably a one stop shop as opposed to looking at dozens of 
different places. Can you advise a particular book? Website?
I have checked out the security area on the php manual and some users notes - 
some were useful. But it didnt really have a lot of info and I dont think it is 
comprehenive or all inclusive.
Thanks in advance. PS I would like to switch the current site from jsp to php. 
I was going to look into Zend IDE. Comments? Suggestions?


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