mignon hunter wrote:
> Hi Christopher
> One other question. Our current site is written in jsp with
> Oracle. I'd like to use PHP. Do you have any thoughts on this?

My recommendation is to utilize the existing skills you have; this
echoes Fergus's comment.  However, PHP is very popular and if you have
the luxury of being able to learn a new language, choosing PHP is not
like choosing an esoteric language that someone will struggle to
maintain when you move on.

> We're not really using Jsp as it was intended ( like using classes )
> and I think it has alot of overhead and is overkill. It seems Php
> would be a better choice for imbedded html. For the most part the
> site mainly consist of relatively simple db retrieval, for several
> of our products. Which then lists various documentation and
> reference material for each, all dynamic. And then we have a few
> very simple stand alone user input forms occasionally.
> Oracle is the db on most of the site - a little mysql too.

PHP will certainly help you get a working website up quickly.  Oracle
can easily be accessed in PHP to do the things you describe.

Discussion of frameworks and abstraction layers is just a way to make
you aware of their place and to ensure the application is architected
to suit your current & future requirements.


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