Thank you Christopher - this gives me some much needed direction.

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mignon hunter wrote:
> I'm am trying to find some definitive best practises on database
connections with php on both mysql and oracle.
> I'm starting to redesign a corporate website and am trying to find out
more about security and the best practises for database queries and user input
form handling.
> For example - what's the best usage - prepared statements? And does it
have to be php 5? I need preferably a one stop shop as opposed to looking at
dozens of different places. Can you advise a particular book? Website?
> I have checked out the security area on the php manual and some users
notes - some were useful. But it didnt really have a lot of info and I dont
think it is comprehenive or all inclusive.
> Thanks in advance. PS I would like to switch the current site from jsp to
php. I was going to look into Zend IDE. Comments? Suggestions?
> thanks

PHP 5.2 is the way to go for new projects: PHP 4 isn't being

Binding/preparing statements is the way to go.  Here are quotes about
them with MySQL & Oracle

    "They are useful for speeding up execution when you are performing
    large numbers of the same query with different data.  They also
    protect against SQL injection-style attacks."  (From "PHP and
    MySQL Web Development", 4th Edition, Luke Welling and Laura

    "If I were to write a book about how to build nonscalable [note
    the NON] Oracle applications, then 'Don't Use Bind Variables'
    would be the title of the first and last chapters. [...] If you
    want to make Oracle run slowly [...] just refuse to use bind
    variables" (From "Expert Oracle Database Architecture", Tom

Depending on the site needs, consider a DB abstraction layer or a

For high performance connections in PHP OCI8 for Oracle, use
oci_pconnect() and pass the character set.

There are a number of Oracle-PHP books available.  One free,
introductory one is the "Underground PHP & Oracle Manual", (A new edition will be released in the next
couple of weeks)


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