I am inquiring on this list to see if it is possible to create a script that 
takes multiple update statements without my having to write one "SQL" statement 
for each of the updates. 

  I have a scenario of which I create a table of some sort with some existing 
information using Flex, and what I am told by my client is that no matter how 
many records there are on the screen, the users should be able to update any up 
to all the entries by simply pushing a button. I use Microsoft SQL, which I 
think that it does allow multiple update query execution. The problem is that I 
might have to come up with some method to accept all the "POST" variables the 
user provides into the script. 

   Could anyone please give me some guidance on what kind of function I might 
use, or whether or not it is possible I can create a script that accepts as 
many "POST" variables as the users POST? 

Thanks a lot for your help.



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