Terion Miller wrote:
Hi Everyone! I am having problems getting an INNER JOIN to work and need
some tips trouble shooting where the problem may be.

What I'm trying to do is match up AdminID's from two tables and display only
that users orders, sounds simple enough right...but I can't get it to return
the AdminID...

My Query:

   $sql =
     "SELECT admin.AdminID , workorders.AdminID
         FROM admin
             INNER JOIN
         workorders ON
         WHERE admin.UserName =   '".$_SESSION['user']."' ";

      $result = mysql_query ($sql);
      $row = mysql_fetch_assoc ($result);
      $Total = ceil(mysql_num_rows($result)/$PerPage);

Thanks for any tips on how else I can accomplish this...

I explained all of this here: http://marc.info/?l=php-general&m=123318173022009&w=2
and here:

Which part didn't make sense?

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