Terion Miller wrote:
Actually I have tried EVERYTHING suggested and it just does not work, in my last query here I put in a user I know has orders and still nothing :

$sql3 = "SELECT admin.AdminID, workorders.WorkOrderID, workorders.DATE_FORMAT(CreatedDate,'%m/%e/%y') AS SubmitDate, workorders.Location, workorders.AdminID, workorders.FormName, workorders.Status FROM admin INNER JOIN workorders ON admin.AdminID = workorders.AdminID WHERE admin.username = 'lhanford' ";

Are there mySQL settings that could prevent JOINS?

Definitely not.

Try it manually in two parts:

select adminID from admin WHERE username='lhanford';

remember that id, then:

select * from workorders where adminID='admin_id_from_last_result';

Any results?

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