I am very new to this process, so please forgive me if this is a silly question. I have a number of PostgreSQL tables that use the naming convention that capitalizes the first character of each word, therefor the data names require quotes. When I put together my queries using parameters for the selected columns and the table names and use pg_query_params instead of pg_query to build the query? Doing it without the parameterization looks like this...

$query = "SELECT tp.\"peopleId\",\"fName\",\"mName\",\"lName\", \"contactItem\"
                        FROM \"tblPeople\" tp
LEFT JOIN \"brdgPeopleContactInformation\" bpci ON tp. \"peopleId\" = bpci.\"peopleId\" LEFT JOIN \"tblContactInformation\" tci ON bpci. \"contactInformationId\" =
WHERE (\"lName\" like '$l_name' AND \"fName\" IS NULL) OR (\"lName\" like '$l_name' AND \"fName\"
                                                        LIKE '$f_name')
                        ORDER BY \"lName\",\"fName\",\"mName\"";
    $SciName = pg_query($query);

This actually works, believe it or not, but my next query where I'm doing an insert to the tables does not.

Thank you in advance for your time.


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