Here are the queries I've written. I gave up on trying to make pg_query_params() work but this is what I have using pg_query(). I have been printing the query. In fact, I can take the query as constructed, paste it into psql and it runs just fine.

I would be grateful for any help you can give. This program will have three other queries which are more complex that this one.

/* Build variables by concatenating with single quotes.  */

$new_f_name_new = "'" . $f_name_new . "'";
                                   $new_m_name_new = "'" . $m_name_new . "'";
                                   $new_l_name_new = "'" . $l_name_new . "'";
                                   $new_ivl_web_peop = "'" . $ivl_web_peop . 
                                   $new_cns_web_peop = "'" . $cns_web_peop . 
                                   $new_cont_rank = "'" . $cont_rank . "'";
                                   $new_cont_loc = "'" . $cont_loc . "'";
                                   $new_contact_info1 = "'" . $contact_info1 . 
                                   $new_contact_type = "'" . $contact_type . 

/* Execute queries to insert record in people table, contact table, and people - contact bridge table. */

$query = "INSERT INTO \"tblPeople\"(\"fName\",\"mName \",\"lName\", ivlweb, cnsweb) VALUES ($new_f_name_new, $new_m_name_new, $new_l_name_new, $new_ivl_web_peop, $new_cns_web_peop);";
                                echo "First query: " . $query . "<br />";
                                $pg_peop_ins = pg_query($query);
                                echo pg_result_error($pg_peop_ins);
$query = "INSERT INTO \"tblContactInformation \"(\"contactItem\",\"contactType\") VALUES ($new_contact_info1, $new_contact_type)";
                                echo "Second query: " . $query . "<br />";
$pg_contact_ins = pg_query($query) or die("Can't execute 2nd query"); $query = "INSERT INTO \"brdgPeopleContactInformation\" (\"peopleId\",\"contactInformationId \",rank, type) VALUES (currval('\"tblPeople_peopleId_seq \"'),currval('\"tblContactInformation_contactInformationId_seq\"'), $new_cont_rank, $new_cont_loc)";
                                echo "Third query: " . $query . "<br />";
$pg_peop_cont_ins = pg_query($query) or die("Can't execute 3rd query");

When I execute the code, the page has this...

First query: INSERT INTO "tblPeople"("fName","mName","lName", ivlweb, cnsweb) VALUES ('Frank', 'D', 'Oz', 't', 't'); Second query: INSERT INTO "tblContactInformation"("contactItem","contactType") VALUES ('f...@indiana.edu ', '0010')
Can't execute 2nd query

Actually, neither query executes.

Thanks again.

On May 1, 2009, at 2:53 PM, danaketh wrote:


you should post the INSERT query too. I'd recommend you to print the query before running it. Just put echo $query; before/after pg_query(). You'll see what are you sending to the database. This may help you find the problem. Also using ` instead of " in query may help you to make it easier to read.

Carol Walter napsal(a):

I am very new to this process, so please forgive me if this is a silly question. I have a number of PostgreSQL tables that use the naming convention that capitalizes the first character of each word, therefor the data names require quotes. When I put together my queries using parameters for the selected columns and the table names and use pg_query_params instead of pg_query to build the query? Doing it without the parameterization looks like this...

$query = "SELECT tp.\"peopleId\",\"fName\",\"mName\",\"lName\", \"contactItem\"
                    FROM \"tblPeople\" tp
LEFT JOIN \"brdgPeopleContactInformation\" bpci ON tp.\"peopleId\" = bpci.\"peopleId\" LEFT JOIN \"tblContactInformation\" tci ON bpci.\"contactInformationId\" =
WHERE (\"lName\" like '$l_name' AND \"fName\" IS NULL) OR (\"lName\" like '$l_name' AND \"fName\"
                                      LIKE '$f_name')
                     ORDER BY \"lName\",\"fName\",\"mName\"";
   $SciName = pg_query($query);

This actually works, believe it or not, but my next query where I'm doing an insert to the tables does not.

Thank you in advance for your time.



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