Recently we update our Local Server to this:

Apache Version : 2.2.11   
PHP Version : 5.3.0   
MySQL Version : 5.1.36   

All works fine locally, but when we want to connect to a Remote Mysql Server 
5.0.45 just can't, we got the "mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using old 
authentication" msg

The solution as i see is to use the OLD_PASSWORD trick, but in this case we 
can't do that because the Server is a Shared server and yada yada yada.. change 
some in the Remote Mysql Server is not an option

I think Php must provide a solution for this but we can't found it

We use SqlYog 6.05 to connect to Mysql Server's. Why it works with NEW and OLD 
algorithm and Php don't ?

Any help on this please ?

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