Yep, is very weird, all works on Local Server

- Local Server
"old_passwords" "OFF"
"version" "5.1.36-community-log"

- Local Php
PHP Version : 5.3.0

Before this change, we use Php 5.2.6 with no problems

-Remote Server
"old_passwords" "ON"
"version" "5.0.45"

  "Chris" <> wrote in message
  SuNcO wrote:
  > Recently we update our Local Server to this:
  > Apache Version : 2.2.11   
  > PHP Version : 5.3.0   
  > MySQL Version : 5.1.36   
  > All works fine locally, but when we want to connect to a Remote Mysql 
Server 5.0.45 just can't, we got the "mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ 
using old authentication" msg

  That's really confusing.

  It works against a mysql 5.1.36 but not against a mysql version 5.0.45?

  And gives you an error about trying to connect to mysql 4.1 or lower?

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