Yes, I can see how your suggestion would be good for approximating the length of a visit, but my issue is more specific and technical...

We will have users updating database records. We want to lock a record while it is being worked on and release it once the user is finished or otherwise leaves the site.

That's why we want a graceful exit.

Maybe I should start a new thread about locking db records?

- Ron

On 1/26/2010 4:03 PM, Chris wrote:
listread wrote:

Thanks for the heads up on the php configuration.  I'll check that out.

We also need to write some data to a database, things like logout time. That means running a script for some other php code.

There are probably a number of situations where the onUnload thing won't work including browser crashes, some browsers may not support it, will it work if you have multiple browser tabs open and close one (something you'll have to research) etc, so be aware that you're not going to get this 100% right.

If you just want the timing, I'd do it the other way.

Each time their session is checked (on page load), update the "end" time. In db terms:

update session set logout_time=NOW() where session_id='X';

That way you're always going to get at least an idea of how long their session lasts but you won't get "reading time" on the page (ie it takes me 2 mins to read something on the page, the logout_time will be 2 minutes before I actually close it).

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