On Fri, 2010-12-17 at 10:50 -0600, Jay Blanchard wrote:
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> Thank you with your excellent help in the past.  Here is another
> puzzler....
> I am trying to write a program that can have two(2) independent forms 
> in one PHP file.  When I run the code below [from PHP - A Beginner's 
> Guide], to which I have added a second form, it freezes.  Without the 
> goto statements, it runs.  When it does run, it displays both forms 
> on one Web screen. What I desire is for the first form to be 
> displayed, the data entered and then the second form displayed.  In 
> an actual, not test program like this one, the data in the second 
> form would be dependent on the first form.
> What did I do wrong?
> [/snip]
> You used GOTO. 
> In this case I would recommend using something like jQuery to 'hide' one
> form until the other form is complete. PHP has sent the output to the
> browser already, both forms are there and display when you remove the
> GOTO. 
> GOTO should never be used like this.
> GOTO should never be used.

Wow... that brought me back to 1990... using basic and batch files...
I honestly didn't even know that the GOTO was still in existence,
especially within PHP.

I had to show the people in my office, and we all got a chuckle from teh
XKCD comic in the PHP documentation for GOTO


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